Many people have called us inquiring if their certifications can be satisfied by simply completing an on-line “certification” program or a written exam alone and printing out their certificate. OSHA would answer it this way: The “evaluation” of “performance” required by the standard cannot be met by a written exam alone. A written exam by itself does not indicate whether the operator is operating the powered industrial truck safely. In most cases, the person conducting the evaluation would do two things: first, observe the powered industrial truck operator during the normal operations to determine if the operator is performing safely, and second, ask pertinent questions to ensure that the operator has the knowledge of experience needed to operate a truck safely. In some cases, because of the danger or complexity of the operation, the extent of the change in conditions, or the operator’s need for additional skills, the evaluation will need to be lengthier and more detailed. The triennial evaluation ensures that the operator has retained the necessary knowledge and skills for safe operation of the vehicle. Therefore, a written exam alone would not be adequate to ensure that the operator has retained the necessary skills for safe vehicle operation.