Most people won’t look twice at a forklift, but we know better. Forklifts are awesome. Forklifts are the vehicles you wanted to drive when you were a kid. Haven’t we all dreamed about driving one of them (or standing on the fork while it lifts)?

Before we go on, we have to make one thing clear: standing on the forks isn’t safe and almost always causes catastrophic injuries. We are a forklift safety training team, and we are here to prevent injuries. Never stand on the forks, no matter how much you wanted to do it as a kid!

Now that we have that out of the way, welcome to the Forklift Training blog! We are experts who know how to keep forklifts from hurting people. The thing is, forklifts aren’t huge and intimidating, so people underestimate them. Forklifts can do serious damage, even kill people. On the other hand, they are the lifeblood of many heavy operations. That’s why we work so hard to educate drivers and workers; we want to ensure our clients’ success. In this blog, we will share insights and tips to make forklift life easier for you. However, this blog is not a replacement for the world-class training we provide.

Do You Really Need OSHA-Certified Training?

We don’t offer just any training. We are OSHA-certified and therefore able to train your team with the best safety standards in the country. Chances are good you are already familiar with OSHA, but if you aren’t, it’s an acronym for Occupational Safety and Health Administration. It’s an act that was passed in 1970 to ensure the safety and health of American employees, and it brought the weight of the federal government to bear on employers who were taking advantage of their workers. It’s main job is to protect you. However, it can’t do that if you don’t follow its rules!dreamstime_xxl_124820

The first OSHA training grounds were at the end of an O’Hare airport runway. OSHA targeted five industries first, including the following:

  • Roofing and sheet metal
  • Marine cargo moving
  • Meat and meat products
  • Transportation
  • Lumber and other wood products

OSHA has gone through ups and downs since it was created. Heavy reforms by passionate people have brought it a long way from where it stood in 1970.

The OSHA Training You Can’t Do Without

If you take a look at the list above, you’ll see that forklifts are central to at least three of those industries. You don’t move much cargo without them! Now, you may be asking yourself, Why do I need OSHA forklift training? Can’t my team just learn how to drive the things and move on?

The fact is, you could get forklift driving training from somebody who simply knows how they work. If you do, though, you’re putting your entire company in a vulnerable position. What if an employee gets hurt? What if you get sued? If you show up in court and the judge learns you didn’t take the time to get trained by an OSHA-experienced trainer, you’ll be in an uncomfortable position.

Don’t set your team up for injury and failure. Contact Forklift Certification On the Go today!

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