1. Aerial Work Platforms (AWP)

    Aerial lifts are specifically addressed by OSHA at 29 CFR 1926.453 Paragraph (a) if that section requires aerial lifts to be designed and constructed in conformance with ANSI A92.2-1969 (including the appendix). The paragraph does not require the operation and use of equipment to be in con…Read More

  2. How Did We Manage Without Forklifts?

    Many of the historical monuments you can visit around the world were constructed without forklifts. People have been shipping heavy cargo for centuries without the help of forklifts. We bet the people who built the pyramids would have killed for a forklift (or fifty). In fact, thousands of…Read More

  3. Welcome to Our Forklift Training Blog!

    Most people won’t look twice at a forklift, but we know better. Forklifts are awesome. Forklifts are the vehicles you wanted to drive when you were a kid. Haven’t we all dreamed about driving one of them (or standing on the fork while it lifts)? Before we go on, we have to make one thi…Read More