1. Great Job

    "[Joe] does a good job handling both large and small groups here at Pier IX and they go away with a sense of “gee I didn’t know that”. You do a great job with educating the participants about the do’s and don’ts and what can happen if you don’t treat that forklift with respect. The [safety] slideshow is amusing and makes you aware of the things that people will do to get the job done (…Read More

  2. Sessions Are Memorable

    "Joe Owen has been to our facility in Texas multiple times.  We have been very pleased with his training programs.  He was very thorough but also very engaging, and he made the training sessions memorable.  He has a way of coming across that puts people at ease. We had several rookie yard truck operators, and he stayed late into the day working with them one-on-one until they were able to succe…Read More

    BASF Corporation