One facet of the OSHA regulation that often gets overlooked in scheduling a forklift training class is the training location or setting.  The regulation does state that training and operator evaluations should be accomplished in the workplace. OSHA intends that whenever possible the training and any discussion of hazards present in the workplace be conducted on your machine, in your workplace, handling the materials actually encountered at your workplace, thereby grounding the training to a specific location and specific machines.

For this reason, our company recognizes this requirement and provides all operator safety certifications at your location and not some off campus setting.  We are literally On-the-Go and come to you, making us unique in this regard!  We will come onsite to do the classroom presentation and discussion, a site hazard review, required hands-on testing and evaluation of your operators on your equipment in your place setting. Operators are not considered to be certified until their performance is evaluated on your machine in your workplace. We provide that mandated evaluation for you.

Each successful trainee receives a Certificate of Completion and a Wallet Card; your company will receive and retain the Attendance Sheet signed by all trainees and the Instructor. Another service we provide is to track your operators’ expirations. You will receive an email several months prior to that event alerting you that expirations are coming so they do not lapse. All certifications are valid for 3 years and all operators must be recertified prior to expiration. We do all recertifications as well which generally require less time than initial certifications.

We can also combine additional courses for different types of lifts into a custom-tailored course to fit your needs.  Oftentimes, we have conducted an Aerial Lift course and combined it with a standard Counterbalance or Narrow Aisle Warehouse Forklift course in one setting.  This minimizes your operators’ lost time on the job and gets him certified at the same time; also it can usually be done at a better cost rate for you! Give us a call to discuss any custom class option that you may need.  We’d be happy to help you out and look forward to your call!