Train-the-Trainer (TTT)

In addition to offering an array of Operator Certification courses, we also offer Train-the-Trainer (TTT) courses which are designed to give your company the ability to manage and control all your OSHA forklift training requirements internally.  It tends to be a more popular option with companies having many forklift operators, or high turnover rates.  These courses usually require an entire day, depending upon how many instructor candidates are trained.  Our TTT courses:

  • Offer soft skills (presentation skills)dreamstime_xxl_2669191
  • Cover OSHA-mandated topics required to be discussed in class
  • Require small presentation to evaluate each candidate’s presentation performance in front of a small group
  • Discuss the applicable OSHA regulation to familiarize candidates with its requirements
  • Instruct on how to handle intra-classroom issues that may come up during a forklift driver training
  • Review the logistics of setting up the classroom
  • Discuss options to help people learn according to their abilities

All TTT courses include a complete training kit produced by the manufacturer which generally includes presentation media (DVD’s), PowerPoint presentation, a number of blank Completion Certificates, Wallet Cards, Instructor’s Guide, and formal course exam materials. We also provide successful candidates a laminated wallet card upon completion identifying them as qualified Instructors on a specific type of machine. Forklift training program Instructor Status, it should be noted, remains valid as long as the Instructor does some form of training every two years or more often. Refresher Instructor courses are also offered.

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